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Joanna Bessert-Nettelbeck



Communication Coaching, Therapeutic Coaching, Personal Coaching ,  


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Communication is the foundation of every human relations. It is both a fragile and complex tool. But if you use it correctly, it can become a great advantage.

Unfortunately, it is also likely to cause misunderstandings and therefore conflicts.


In order to facilitate and enhance your performance in your inter- as well as intrapersonal relations, I will provide guidance to enable you to comprehend and identify your reactions or actions, your emotions and learn how to cope and use them in your daily communication.  


"One cannot not communicate." 

Paul Watzlawick



Passionate about intra- and interpersonal communication and the psyche of a human being, I made it my vocation to show the impact made by personal communication and behaviour towards your self and others on different interpersonal levels.




"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."




Each and every individual is longing to find his own happiness (alignment). The alignment means bringing your desires, the respect of yourself and the possible in accordance. Harmonising your own person is the most efficient way to live happily. Whatever the situation you are in: personal, domestic, romantic or professional. 

In succeeding this alignment, you will obtain more self-confidence, you will make choices according to your desires and you will enhance your impact on others.

Your choices and your actions will be choices made confidently.   


Using several techniques coming from psychology and profiling fields, I offer to help you obtain your inner alignment/harmony. 

Every consultation is a conversation and a developpement. 

Fee: 180 CHF/h


Contact me for a first appointment or more information via mail or skype. All consultations are made via skype or face to face. 




        Psychologie studies                             2016 - today 

        Further education in work-,                2015 - today

        organisational-, social-, differencial-

        and biologicalpsychology                                                ​

        Diploma IHK‚ 'Kauffrau für                  2014                           Marketing Kommunikation’ 

         Communication                                  2006 - 2009                 & Marketing Studies, Berlin

2019 - today         Founder & CEO The Helpnet 

2016 - 2019          Partner & project manager for an                                      artificial intelligence at                                                        cmprofiling.ch


2014 - 2016          Project manager and consultant                                       Adecco, Berlin


2007 - 2014          Freelance in public relations                                              and Event managment


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