Testimonials :

Ms Bessert-Nettelbeck has been at first my consultant at Adecco. She managed to help me in opening new me to perspectives and helped me getting employment in well-known companies. After leaving Adecco I wanted to work with her in a personal and individual coaching. Her empathy and her great analysing skills helped me to find solutions to problems, of all kind. Furthermore, she knows her own proficiency and limits and referred me to other specialists when needed to work on more focused themes or issues. 

M.-L. Drey  

It's in a context of a difficult work situation, that I reached out to Joanna. Listening, quick and particularly perceptive in her analysis, our sessions enabled me at first to recognise the problem and therefore helped me improving my coping mechanism in daily life and my well-being. She gave me some quite simple behavioural and communication tools, that helped me clarify and improve my approach.

Sliman.T, 30


Joanna Nettelbeck helped me in a moment of my life where I wasn't able to discern my priority / the priorities in my life. Everything seemed to be intertwined and hopeless.
She was able to point at the dysfunctions in my professional and personal life and helped me to regain self-confidence and to overcome those problems and fears. 
Today, I know how to react, how to handle and cope towards/with toxic behaviours. 

C. Grosmann